40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

The Clone Wars Wins Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Special Class Animation




so proud for the entire The Clone Wars crew for their years of outstanding service in the production of a 3d animated series that will stand the test of time. Thanks to all the folks who brought their A game to the show. It will live on in our hearts for a long time to come!

a time for change

Here’s to you all, The Clone Wars Crew, you made a good show. There were lots of late nights and trader joe’s meals, long meetings that seemed to never end and ones that we couldn’t wait to get started! Moments of wonder as we saw beautiful designs during dailies and laughter, shock, and horror (in a good way) seeing the story come together at an artists’ desk. Even more shocking moments when Dave would cut out whole sequences in editorial….. and respect when we realize it’s always for the better.

one thing for sure is the folks at Lucasfilm Animation worked their butts off daily and it shows. I truly believe that they loved their work and gave it everything they had.

Good times, it was good a time.



The Phantom investigators

A really fun project i did storyboards for is this kids show that mixed hand drawn 2d art, stop motion animation and live action called Phantom Investigators. A blast to work with the talented crew creating something imaginative and exciting for a younger audience

Directed by Stephen Holman and Josephine Huang                                                                    here’s an episode i found posted on vimeo by Josephine

Phantom Investigators - Ghosts On Film Eps. 111 from Josephine T. Huang on Vimeo.

Aeon Flux the series MTV

i worked on the pre production team at Colossal Pictures (with Peter Chung) doing background model pack clean-up  and prop/character turnarounds/cleanup. I am very grateful for that experience as i learned so much from the experience. working with truly talented folks just forces you to be better

here’s one of my favorites from the series

pepsi commercial

back in the day when i worked at a great studio called Colossal Pictures

i animated a bunch of robots chasing (an Aeon Flux styled) Cindy Crawford for

a Pepsi commercial directed by Peter chung (Aeon Flux)

here is a still from it

and here’s the commercial